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Katapult Entertainment

Katapult Entertainment Group

ZoeLena Shuster, CEO/President

Phone: 931-489-1046    Fax: 931-486-3083


Mission: Change pop culture’s view of talent, art and media created by believers worldwide in order for ignorance to be broken down.

Vision: Develop and bring innovative entertainment to the masses, covering relevant and controversial issues facing today’s world so that ultimately they may know the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.

Purpose: Katapult Entertainment group believes success is a collection of right relationships. Equipped with a team of experts in the entertainment industry Katapult is ready to launch its clients to their highest level of achievement. Services include but are not limited to: Advising, Promotion, Management, Publicity, Distribution, “Shopping” quality projects to record labels/publishers, Bookings, Artist development, Graphic Art, Photography, Production, Mixing, Mastering, Corporate Branding, Confidential Spiritual Council for leaders, Ministry Consulting, Financial Advising and much more. 

By building strong alliances, Katapult is building a solid foundation to develop many multi-media projects in the Kingdom to bring glory to our Father in Heaven. If you would like to network, potentially join our team of professionals or you are a artist, speaker, person in business or ministry who would like to be considered for our services, we look forward to hearing from you.   

Faith Driven Artists May Soon Become The New Rap and Hip Hop Stars of The Music Industry


Nashville, TN – 2007, ZoeLena, CEO of Katapult Entertainment Group (Est. 07/2007), is a new artist management company with the vision and mission to change Pop Cultures view of Christian music around the world.

It’s no secret that over the past decade or so the world of rap and hip-hop music went from relatively unknown to mainstream within a few short years, but the biggest change in the music industry is yet to come, with the potential to reach music fans around the globe who have limited exposure to faith driven artists music, ZoeLena and her new management company aims to bring faith driven artist music to the forefront.

Prior to creating her own management group ZoeLena worked in the music industry as an A/R rep for a major record label. While living the life in the fast lane and spending many nights in limos and VIP rooms was not satisfying to her soul, one day ZoeLena had a spiritual experience that completely turned her life around.

At about 25 years of age she hit a crossroads in her life and had an epiphany. “I must search for my true destiny and purpose” she said to herself.

No longer did sex, drugs and hip-hop turn her on. She enrolled in a local Bible College, and soon after started a new chapter in her life that was much more fulfilling than she had ever dreamed of that included volunteering her time to non-profit organizations that assisted children.

Facing her father’s death at the tender age of eight was just the beginning of this young woman’s life of adversities. Even as a young child she was always comforting others. Fortunate for ZoeLena, she always felt as if she was born with a strong foundation that couldn’t be cracked, this foundation is what always allowed her to pull herself back up again over and over.

She helped create a platform and give a voice to young Christian teens with her new radio show Zoe & Friends, to discuss what many in the church deem as too controversial who tend to overlook such topics as sex, teen issues, drugs and abuse. The show aims to encourage people who are turned off by religion and hopes to open their eyes and show them that it’s in fact not about religion, but a relationship with Jesus Christ.

“I would really like to take the show world wide and be the new faith-driven shock jock of the airwaves like a Howard Stern of believers” Says Zoë.

Her focus on meditation, prayer and seeking truths for her self is what continues to keep her grounded. To place her in one category would not do her justice. Aside from running her management company, radio show and her involvement with charities, she is also a respected Life Coach and has served as a mentor to
everyone from young children, spiritual leaders to superstars.

As with many who struggle through hard times, ZoeLena at one point was a single mother facing many challenges, a woman who fought her way up to becoming debt free while starting a management and marketing company that represented motivational speakers, she went to collage for business leadership, she met a wonderful man and was married, and had even started a non profit organization.

ZoeLena has become known in many circles as an over comer. So many agencies that were once providing assistance to her own family were now partnered with her business in helping others. ZoeLena began to encourage and advocate for mothers and woman who were facing circumstances she had triumphed over. It was so rewarding for her to see the progress in these individuals’ lives. Making a difference was truly her purpose and destiny.

Currently, she resides in the Nashville Tennessee area with her loving husband and three children. She is involved in many projects involving world changing charities, music and ministry. She has worked side by side with such industry leaders as Lee Davis who has worked as a producer for the legendary director Spike Lee and aligned herself with many successful individuals. 

ZoeLena, proving to be a dynamic force not just in the music industry.





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